The Easiest Pocket Pack Tissue Holder Ever

I can't believe I didn't already know this - how to make the easiest pocket tissue holder ever!

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I feel like I must have been living under a rock or something, I'm not quite sure how this has happened. I make things. I've been making little bits and pieces my whole life so how is it possible I've never seen this way of making super cute, super easy fabric holders for your pocket pack of tissues until now? How? How?

This all started a few weeks ago when I finally got round to sorting out my fabric stash. I tend to keep it all - big bits, little bits, teeny tiny left overs from all the sewing I've ever done, charity shop bargains that I think I might make into something else one day. Plus I inherited quite a bit from my mum and my nan who both sewed a lot.

I got it all out, thinking I would be ruthless, get rid of all the bits too small to actually do anything with.

It looked like this:


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Can you tell where I was sitting as I got it all out around me!

The trouble with fabric is that even tiny bits COULD be made into something. To throw it away just seems so wrong. So instead I decided I'm going to "Sew my Stash" and started looking on Pinterest for quick ideas to use these tiny bits. I found a cute folded coaster idea and from there a folded fabric tissue pouch. All I could find at the time was one of those long pins with simple step by step but it didn't lead anywhere, so I played about a bit and took some photos as I went to show you how, just in case this is something you've not seen before either.

I made LOADS, I'm not kidding, if you know me in real life there is a good chance you will get one of these as part of your next birthday present! The first one (photographed for the tutorial) I added a length of elastic on the back for a little bottle of hand sanitiser, that is completely optional, just miss it out if you don't want that.

To sew an easy Pocket Pack Tissue Pouch you will need:



  • 3 pieces 6" x 4"

  • 2 pieces 4" x 4"

  • Optional A length of ribbon, approx 5" ish

  • Optional A length of elastic, this only has to be 4". Mine in the photo is way longer, I ended up trimming it off.

The ribbon is to make the hanging loop. the elastic is so you can add a travel sized bottle of hand sanitiser to the back if you’d like to. Both are completely optional, just miss them out if you don’t want them.

fold and press.jpg

Fold both 4"x4" bits in half and 2 of the 6"x 4" bits also. Press with the iron.

Now you just layer the pieces up.

Lay the remaining unfolded 6"x4" pieces on the table RIGHT SIDE UP, this is the back of the tissue pouch.

1) If using them, place the elastic and the ribbon; folded in half onto the back

2) to 5) lay the folded fabric pieces on as shown, making sure the folded edge is always to the middle

1 to 6.jpg

6) lift the corner of the first piece and tuck the last piece under (that's in the top right corner of these photos) then pin to hold everything in place

stage 2.jpg

7) stitch all the way round leaving a 1/2" seam allowance -

you will want to stitch a little straighter than I did!

8) if you are adding a ribbon tag, when you get to it just reverse back over where the ribbon is just to reinforce it, then carry on

9) trim the corners as shown and the seam allowance. You can neaten the raw edge however you like, I used my pinking shears as you can see

10) turn the pouch out through the gap in the middle

Use something pointy to poke the corners into shape, a chop stick or similar, do not jam your fabric scissors into the corner too hard or your might do this:

corner error.jpg


I also discovered that some tissue packs open at the end now, rather than in the middle. My seam ripper turned out to be perfect for making a middle opening to make the tissues work with the pouches I had just made.

seam ripper to open packet.jpg

Squeeze the tissues into the pouch and that's it - done!

finished tissue pouch.jpg

I am a little disappointed that I wasn't more careful thinking about the placement of the strawberries, they are all rather hidden on the front. The back is all strawberry fabric though so it's not too awful.

easier pocket pack tissue holder ever s.jpg

This is just a small selection of the ones I made, you can see I didn't measure the ribbons and I only actually put the elastic on the first one. I am keeping my eyes open for prettier elastic for the next batch.

unfilled pouches.jpg

You can use 5 different fabric, just 2 or 3 complimentary ones or all the same, whatever you have that needs using up.

tissue pouch.jpg

I've made tissue pack holders before, using the more traditional method.

bless you.jpg

I made this one for my mum many, many years ago, she always had it with her in her handbag. I can't bring myself to use it so I keep it in a little box of her things.

I am loving this new method (new to me anyway) so much more. It seems quicker and the raw edges inside are less visible as they are tucked in further.

sewing fabric.jpg

I don't pretend for a second to have invented this, but just in case you, like me, have missed out on this before, maybe you will enjoy making these as much as I did.

These pocket pack tissue holders are If you are a complete beginner and just thinking about taking up sewing as a hobby then you might find the article I put together on “What you need to get started sewing” helpful. I list all the equipment that you’ll need, the essentials that you can’t really manage without.


I have lots more sewing ideas, some of which are great for scrap busting - you can find them here 

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