Kitchen Box Frame Makeover

An old box frame given a fresh new look.

Kitchen Box Frame Makeover

I fell over this sweet little box frame in a Charity shop the other week for just £1.99.

box frame before.jpg

All the seeds and dried flower bits and pieces in it were a bit faded and a little bit "80's" for my taste but I thought it might have potential so it came home with me. It's not very big, 5" x 6.5" with little 1.25"(ish) square spaces.

Once I took the back off you can see the original, much brighter colours.

inside the box.jpg

I've not played with the saturation levels on these photos at all, it's amazing how the sun takes the colour out of things over time.

I threw away all the faded seeds and dried bits and then gave the frame, glass and divider a good wash.

Our kitchen has red accessories so I searched my patterned papers and other craft stash for tiny red stuff.

scrapbook bits.png

I know the scrabble letters are not red but once I knew I could fit "TEA" in that was decision made! Of course I could have put "EAT" instead...

I've lots of scrabble tiles in a box, I buy scrabble whenever I see it in charity shops as they are so much fun to make things with, in the past I've made a few things with them which you can find here.

I cut out a piece of thick card the same size as the frame back and laid the divider on top, marking the spaces with a pencil.

draw squares.jpg

I cut pieces of the patterned papers to fit and stuck them on. They overlap slightly, I made sure the joins would be covered by the wooden divider.


I painted the frame and divider white and then popped it all back together with a few of the little red bits and pieces glued into the spaces with my hot glue gun.

kitchen box frame close up.jpg

The strawberry was from an old kids charm bracelet, the "keep calm and carry on" badge had lost it's pin back. The Budwiser bottle top was rescued from the bin at Christmas!

box frame for kitchen.jpg

The other bits and pieces are just things I found in my "can't throw anything away" craft stash. I used a page from an old dictionary too, the page with "cook" on it. The same old dictionary I used to make these fun greeting cards:


I'm really pleased with the transformation, another thing to add to our kitchen gallery wall.

kitchen box frame makeover


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