Festive Mirror Fun with Chalkmarkers

Turn your mirror into a fun festive photo opportunity this Christmas with Chalkola Chalk Markers.

Festive Mirror Fun with Chalkmarkers
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A few weeks ago ChalkOla sent me a couple of packs of their Chalk Markers to test and review.

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I shared a classy and sophisticated idea last week, my festive wreath to decorate a window but I've been having loads of fun trying out these pens in other ways too.

All you need to give your mirror some festive fun is some wipeable marker pens.

In a mad moment, on a whim I added a Santa hat and beard to the mirror in our hallway. Then I couldn't resist adding a Rudolph red nose and Antlers too.

festive mirror fun.jpg

We've had fun messing about posing for photos ever since.

reindeer .jpg
rudolph 1.jpg

The drawing on the mirror was so simple. Just stand close to your mirror, shut one eye then draw the outline of a Santa hat and beard over your face using ChalkOla chalk marker pens. Then you can step back, open both eyes and take a few minutes to colour it in. 

santa hat and beard.jpg

It's slightly tricky to get great photo of this. If you stand there in front of the mirror it looks fab, but if you try to take a selfie it's really challenging to get lined up properly.


The flash adds additional difficulties! 

with flash.jpg

You need to stand to one side with the camera and then direct the person who is posing to line them up as best you can.

with camera.jpg

Anyway, great photos or not, it's been loads of fun. I think we will make all our guests over the holidays have a picture taken in front of the mirror! 

It doesn't have to be Santa and Rudolph of course, an Elf would be fun, maybe a snowman hat and carrot nose. An angel halo could work, or maybe 3 crowns for 3 kings. 

There is still plenty of regular mirror left so you can check your hair/teeth/makeup/clothes before you leave the house too.

Check out the full range of ChalkOla pens on Amazon here


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