Upcycled Felted Jumper Christmas Decorations

An old fairisle jumper that had shrunk in the wash is transformed into Christmas tree decorations and cards in a few simple steps.

Upcycled felted jumper Christmas ornament
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My daughter had a lovely fairisle jumper, then a year or two ago she inadvertently shrunk it. Knowing how much I like to save old things and give them a new life she brought it home and I had it in my stash until a month or so ago when I was looking for something to make Christmas decorations with. 

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The idea is not new and is VERY simple, you've probably seen something similar before but in case not, here we go:

You will need:

  • An old felted patterned jumper or cardigan

  • Pearl embroidery thread

  • Fibre fill / toy stuffing

  • Scraps of brown or cream felt

  • Buttons

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First make a template for your tree decorations. Just draw a triangle on scrap paper and cut it out. Mine was 10m x 14cm (4" x 5 1/2")

Cut out pairs of triangles from the patterned jumper and a rectangle of your cream or brown felt that's about 3cm x 5cm for the trunk.

Place them wrong side together and pin together. Take a length of pearl embroidery thread and blanket stitch around the edge starting about an inch in from the bottom right corner.

start thread.jpg

I blanket stitch from left to right, I always have done. Does everyone else? 

blanket stitch.jpg

When you get back to the top, pause for a moment and make a hanging loop of thread.

hanging loop.png

Tuck the loop in the top and then secure it as you blanket stitch round the top point. Add the button too at this point. It saves you having to add it on separately later.

When you get to the bottom, pause again, and lightly fill the tree. 

insert trunk.jpg

Pop the rectangle between the layers and then stitch across to hold all the layers together. I did a running stitch across the trunk, rather than trying to continue the blanket stitch, stabbing the needle straight through all 3 layers. 

sew on trunk.png

Ta dah! 

christmas felted decorations.jpg

I also tried a few using a running stitch all the way round instead of blanket stitch, I think I prefer the blanket stitch but it's a close choice! 

felted sweater christmas tree ornament

Confession time, I got a bit carried away cutting triangles out for these ornaments, I did the whole jumper! Looking at my huge pile of triangles I decided to use some for another Christmas project ..... cards.

Felted jumper Christas card

To make these felted jumper cards you will need:

Trim the triangle at the bottom to remove about 3/4 inch but leave 1" in the centre for the trunk.

Cover the back of the felted triangle with a thin layer of pva glue and attach to the card.

Add a star sequin to the top, again with a little pva.

Stamp a greeting at the bottom.

The tiniest little offcuts from these two projects weren't wasted, I used them for my felted garland

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