A little tribute to Jenny - part 5

7th February was my Mum, Jenny's birthday, so as usual I'm sharing something today that she made. Brace yourself, this is an epic photo of me at my best! 

red shorts.png

It's about 1982 and I'm about 12. I look like an extra from Stranger Things! 

Goodness only knows why I'm pulling that face, maybe I should have cropped my head off the photo to save myself the embarrassment but never mind.

Just look at those lovely red shorts. My mum made them for me. They had lovely pockets, turn ups and fitted me perfectly. I loved them. 

Check out my camera too - a Kodak Instamatic with cartridge film that you could buy as a 12 or 24 depending on how much pocket money you'd saved and then try to judge it so they'd last all holiday. I take 12 photos of one thing now on my phone and just delete the ones I don't want. Oh, it was a simpler time! 

Update: I found the pattern! I was looking out some bits for the photo on the "what you need to get started: Sewing" post and found this in my box of patterns. I am SO tempted to make some again, I'll add it to my 'to do' list!


Each 7th February I share something my Mum made, you can see the previous ones here along with the explanation for the blog name, Sum of their Stories.

So today I'm remembering my mum and her mad dressmaking skills. Those red shorts were the best. x

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