A little tribute to Ellen - part 9

The blog name “Sum of their Stories” is a line from a poem about mothers and daughters. I started the blog to share my enthusiasm for all things craft related and also to pass on the crafts and skills my mum and my grandmas shared with me as I was growing up.

As a little way to thank and honour them, each year on what would have been their birthday I share something they made or inspired; something with a connection to them. March 28th was my paternal grandma Ellen’s birthday so today I’m sharing another picture she painted.

A painting of a lily propped up behind a bunch of pretty flowers

I think this is a day lily that she’s painted, I’m not a horticultural expert though. My Mother’s Day flowers from last week are still going strong and include regular lilies so I thought they went rather well together.

My aunt tells me she has a large number of my nan’s paintings in boxes and some time soon I’m going to pop over and help her sort them out. We are thinking we might turn some of them into a craft project of our own. Apparently when she says “a large number” she is not kidding, my nan was nothing if not prolific with her paintings.

So today I’m remembering my nan, Ellen. She loved to paint and also to sew. You can see more of the tributes from past years here, you can also read the poem that the blog name is based on there.