Denim Tassel Earrings

It’s quick and easy to make your own tassel earrings from scraps of denim.

How to make denim tassel earrings
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I've recently been inspired by a beautiful project from my blogging friend Claire from Pillar Box Blue who made these gorgeous denim tassels last month. 


The fact that I HAD to try making these was an absolute no brainer for me, but what would I make them for? Following on from the success of my previous tassel earrings (and by success I mean that I've been wearing them all summer) the idea to make denim tassel earrings seemed so obvious suddenly.

How make Denim Tassel Earrings

Want to make your own fabulous denim tassel earring? Of course you do! Then you will need:

what you need.png

Prepare the denim

Cut your denim into 2 rectangles about 4" x 3" (10cm x 7.5cm) You need to cut it so the white threads are going horizontal and the blue threads are vertical. You are going to pull the white threads out to leave a blue tassel. If your denim fabric is the other way round you'll pull blue threads out and end up with a white tassel. If you want a white tassel go for it, but if you want it to still be blue just check the direction of the fabric before you start. 

making denim tassels

Pull the white horizontal threads out until only 1" (2.5cm) of the fabric remains. This takes a while, Claire recommended making these during a Netflix binge and I agree! If any threads break as you pull them you can use a pin to loosen and remove them.

Now you are ready to turn this into a tassel earring.

Creating a denim tassel

Take a short length of embroidery thread, all 6 strands and make a tiny stitch at one end of the rectangle of fabric, thread the bottom of your earring finding through and then secure with a knot. The photo shows it better than I can describe. 

denim tassel earrings

Add a tiny dob of superglue to the knot to secure and then as tightly as you can start rolling the tassel up. 

making a denim tassel

When you get to the end add another tiny dob of superglue and hold the tassel close with a pin whilst you get your embroidery threads ready.

with pin.jpg

Using all 6 strands of the embroidery thread, start wrapping around the top part of the tassel. You can use one colour or use several like I did. To start and finish each colour I just did a small stitch and tied a knot. Then I wrapped the thread over to cover the ends. 

wrap tassel.png
Make your own denim tassel earrings

You could make loads, with all different coloured embroidery thread, or make your tassels longer than mine for a more dramatic look.

These earrings are so light, I think because half the threads have gone they were much lighter than I thought they might be.

If you prefer, you could also make these tassel earrings more like I did my previous embroidery thread tassels where you can add the denim tassels to any metal hoop earrings you already have. So many possibilities! 


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