Fairy Toadstool House Craft Ideas

A collection of red cap toadstool style craft ideas

I love the idea that fairies live at the bottom of the garden, and I think the most desirable kind of residence for fairies is a classic red and white spotted toadstool. I imagine that in the fairy world the toadstool is kind of property that the “Selling Sunset” fairy realtors would be listing!

Out of interest I did some research about the difference between a toadstool and a mushroom. I trusted the Royal Horticultural Society website as a reliable source of information. Turns out there is no difference! Both refer to the fruiting bit of a fungi. Some people say we have traditionally used the word toadstool to refer to poisonous fungi fruit and mushroom for the edible ones but that’s apparently not official or always accurate.

The classic red toadstool with the white spots that all these crafts are inspired by is called Amanita muscaria or the common name; Fly agaric. It is poisonous and used to be used as an insecticide in the olden days. I also read that it grows pretty much all over the world although it originated in Siberia. Fascinating stuff, and good to know that fairies all over the world have these high end homes to live in!

I’ve put together a collection of toadstool fairy house crafts. I’m not gonna lie, this has been the most fun to put together, I love a toadstool fairy house!

Click the photos below and you’ll be taken to the tutorial or pattern etc.

This little felt toadstool house was designed as part of the Sew a Softie campaign to get kids learning to sew. It’s hand stitched and is really simple to make. It has a secret compartment inside so that the fairies really can live inside.

Mum in the Madhouse shows you how to make this sweet garden ornament from a terracotta plant pot and dish.

These little plant pot decorations made from champagne corks turned out SO much cuter than I could have hoped. They were much easier to paint than I expected too. Next time you are at a celebration with champagne or fizzy wine I would highly recommend snaffling the cork into your pocket and giving this a go, every house plant deserves a tiny little fairy house to decorate it!

This gorgeous little coin purse pattern is available from Lau Loves Crochet over on Etsy very inexpensively. I’ve not tried it myself but the pattern has got lots of good reviews.

See how to make these sweet toadstool nightlights over on the Hobbycraft ideas website.

This MDF fairy house is available from UK Family Crafts on Etsy and is all ready for you to paint or decorate however you’d like.

Mas and Pas uses a paper cup to make this sweet little fairy toadstool, a lovely craft activity for children.

Crafty is Cool has a free pattern to make this amazing fairy house.

Twig and Toadstool shows you how to make this adorable house by upcycling a plain wooden bowl.

Crafty Marie has a gorgeous set of free printables for cardmaking and papercrafts plus a matching pattern which can be made into a felt brooch or ornament.

Figured Art have the most beautiful Diamond Painting and Painting by Numbers kits available, like this gorgeous Magical Mushrooms diamond painting. I think a whole village of fairies is living in this toadstool village.

Toadstool Fairy House buttons - Aren’t they the cutest thing ever! These are from Saph1re on Etsy.

Taff Rocks has a great video tutorial to show how to paint a fairy house rock.

This crochet toadstool applique would be great for a blanket, wall hanging, bag or even framed. It’s a PDF download from Wilky Wooly Designs on Etsy.


Colton Craft Co on Etsy have this sweet ornaments ready to paint.

Cuteness overload from The Little House by the Sea with this free pattern to make these embroidered felt houses.


Another beautiful crochet pattern is this free one from Annaboo’s House.

This embroidery pattern is another downloadable PDF available from Etsy, this one is by Iona Rose Art

My Mind’s Eye Art has such a beautiful free colouring page to download.

This knitted Fly Agaric mushroom pattern from Nimble Needlez isn’t strictly a fairy house but I had to include it as it’s such an amazing and detailed pattern. Easy enough to embroider a door and windows if you wanted the fairies to move in I think! The pattern is available from Etsy to download.

This free crochet bag pattern from Persia Lou is just the cutest thing, another that is not strictly a fairy house but easily adapted with some simple embroidery, right?

A collection of toadstool fairy house crafts

Last but not least, I can’t talk about fairy toadstool houses without a mention of the book, The Toadstool who wanted to stay by the lovely late Nancy Carter-Bradley. Not a craft of course but proceeds from book sales go to The Brain Tumour Charity.


Do you love toadstool fairy houses as much as me? Have I tempted you to incorporate one or two into your crafting soon?