Beautiful Forget Me Not Crafts

A collection of beautiful Forget-Me-Not themed craft ideas.

At this time of year our garden is full of forget-me-nots. They are one of my favourite flowers, so pretty and delicate and yet so impactful en masse. They create lovely clouds of blue but when you look closely each tiny flower is so perfect. Plus once you have then you’ll probably have them forever as they are such prolific self seeders!

The forget-me-nots in our garden generally last for a month or so before they get so tatty that I pull them out and give them a good shake to seed them where I’d like next year’s plants to be (although I do realise they just go where they want to anyway!) For longer lasting Forget-Me-Nots why not try some of these craft ideas.

Click through on any of these images to go to the relevant website page for more information, tutorial or pattern information.

Forget-Me-Not themed craft ideas and projects

This May in the UK the Alzheimer’s Society are running a craft challenge providing a downloadable craft pack when you join their facebook group. Across the world many Alzheimer’s and dementia groups have the forget-me-not as their symbol.

DMC have this beautiful little embroidery pattern available as a free download. There is an option to purchase the supplies needed to but if you’d just like the design you can use the “Download Free” button. Find it here: DMC Forget me nots embroidery pattern.

These little forget-me-nots are just 2 rounds of crochet, so they are super quick and easy to make. Find the free pattern here. Then use them to make a brooch, a garland, add them to a wreath, sew one to a hat…..

Let’s Knit Together has a free pattern for these knitted forget-me-nots. You do have to sign up to their site to access it.

AOK Corral has a lovely Forget Me Nots painting guide to use with acrylic paints.

Hub Pages has a brief tutorial explaining how to paint a rock like this, with this pretty forget-me-nots in a basket design. It’s the 3rd or 4th one down on this page full of rock painting ideas.

Super Coloring have a whole selection of free pretty colouring pages for you to print, colour and then use as you like (Here are some ideas on how to use your finished colouring pages which might be useful too)

Perles and Co have a great step by step tutorial showing how to make these stunning polymer clay forget me nots.

Origami Heaven has a You Tube video to create these large scale paper forget-me-nots.

Resa Curbo Creative has a tutorial on Instagram to make these sweet little felt flowers. It’s really simple too which is good news!

Why Not Stitches on You Tube show you how to stitch these tiny little forget-me-nots.

Maison Gregoria on Etsy has an inexpensive downloadable template for these paper forget-me-nots.

How about a pack of 60 ready pressed forget-me-not blooms from Amazon? They could be used for so many different craft projects.

This paper ephemera book from Amazon looks so pretty, full of papers and cut out images. I imagine they’d make lovely greeting cards, scrapbook pages etc.

Imagine replacing regular buttons on a plain white shirt with these sweet little forget-me-not buttons from Etsy.

Have I tempted you to try one of these forget-me-nots crafts?