Pretty DIY Poinsettia Free Tutorials

Pretty poinsettia crafts you can make yourself
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Next to the Christmas tree no plant screams Christmas more than a Poinsettia! The real ones are notoriously difficult to grow indoors in cold countries. They tend to be wrapped in plastic in the shops and then the poor plant gets quite a shock when the wrapper comes off and their leaves drop off in protest. At least that is what has always happened to me whenever I’ve had one!

Poinsettias are beautiful though, their vibrant red bracks are just lovely. If keeping a real plant happy and healthy is too challenging why not make some instead?

I love them so much that I’ve collected a whole load of poinsettia craft ideas together, ideas to make faux flowers and also crafts with poinsettias involved. I’ve picked as many different crafts as I could too, so this could be a great opportunity to try something new this Christmas.

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5) Flower of the Month - Poinsettia, Cross Stitch design by Ellen Maurer Stroh

6) Poinsettia Pillow from The Crafty Quilter

7) Christmas Mason Jar Sign from The Craft Patch Blog

8) Paper Poinsettia Template by Moms and Crafters

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9) Burlap Poinsettia from Busy Bliss

10) Knitted Poinsettia from Planet June

11) Learn to embroider with the Christmas Stitchmas from Stitch Doodles

12) Poinsettia Applique Tutorial by Epida Studio

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13) Punch Needle Poinsettia from Planet June

14) Poinsettia Activity Pack Free Printable from Casa Watkins Living

15) Paper Poinsettias from Red Ted Art

16) Paper Poinsettia Garland from North Pole

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A collection of free poinsettia craft tutorials

Is that enough inspiration to get your crafting poinsettias? And although we think of them as Christmas plants a lot of these crafts are so beautiful they are suitable for all year round.

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