Twig Heart Mini Pallet Art

How to make twig heart mini pallet art

The Clear All Purpose Adhesive used for this project was provided for me by Gorilla Glue

I made this twig heart art on a bit of a whim. We’d had some very strong winds here the other day and the garden was full of twigs that had blown down. As I cleared them up I just felt at least a few of them could be used for something. From that passing thought this heart twig art was born.

twig pile.jpg

To make your own twig heart mini pallet art you will need:

First make the base for your art. I was going for a mini pallet art look with these craft lolly sticks (or popsicle sticks as you call them in the US)

Use a piece of scrap paper to protect your work surface. Place 8 sticks side by side, push them up close to each other with the ends level. Apply glue to another stick. Use about 1/2 the amount than I show in the photo - you’ll see why in a moment.

lay sticks out.jpg

Apply glue to 3 sticks in all and lay them on the flat sticks in the N shape as shown.

glue sticks.jpg

Apply something heavy like a couple of mugs or a book, to press the craft sticks together until they dry.

Originally I was going to give my mini pallet a thin wash of acrylic paint once the glue had dried. I was thinking a peachy colour which would have been really pretty. However when my glue was dry and I turned it over I realised I had used too much glue and some of my scrap paper was stuck to the craft sticks - ops!

too much glue.jpg

If you want to paint your wooden craft sticks then just use a lot less glue than I did and you’ll be just fine.

As my mini wooden pallet had a little paper stuck to it and I wasn’t about to waste it, I needed a new idea. I decided to go for a decoupaged paper napkin.

Apply Mod Podge all over.

mod podge.jpg

Apply the top layer of a pretty paper napkin. Mine was the same one I used for my Jewellery Box makeovers.

Paint on another layer of Mod Podge (gently!) and then trim away the excess napkin and leave to dry.

paper napkin decoupage

In the meantime plan your twig heart. Draw a heart out on scrap paper and then trim your twigs until they fit the space well. I found the straighter bits of twig were easier to work with.

trim twigs.jpg
plan twig heart.jpg

Starting in the middle, apply a little of the Gorilla Glue to the sticks and then position them on the napkin covered craft sticks board. Just move them across one at a time, glueing as you go. 2 or 3 small drops of glue on each twig is sufficient.

move sticks.jpg

Leave to dry again and then add a few flowers to one side to finish your twig heart art. I just raided my stash for a few little fabric flowers and a couple of little resin flowers and used a little drop of the Gorilla Glue to fix them on.

This is what I found in my stash:

flowers 1.jpg

And this is what I ended up glueing on:

Twig heart mini pallet art
how to make twig heart art

That’s it, a pretty little bit of art to prop up on your mantle or shelf. All because it was a bit windy the other day!

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