Earring Holder

Organise your earrings

I seem to have a lot of earrings and they were just in a horrible mess in the top of my jewellery box. 

I couldn't find pairs and was wearing the same ones all the time because some were buried and forgotten under the others.

Annoying, sad and a little bit embarrassing!

earring mess.jpg

I wanted something REALLY quick and easy so was pleased when I spotted this pen tub in Staples for £2. They do a whole range of these wire things; bins, desk top organisers with little drawers, magazine files, bookends, all sorts and they come in grey or black.

mesh pen tub.jpg

The earrings just hook into the mesh and dangle down.

organise your earrings

I've been using it just like this for a few months now but it's a little bit plain and boring, I did think about spray painting it another colour but I think the earrings might scratch paint off. Then I thought maybe I could add some sort of trim around the top..........

possible decorations.jpg

Our bedroom is creams/browns and turquoise so I found these possible trim bits in my box of bits and pieces.

I chose the pompom trim in the end and just stuck it round with my glue gun.

Happy, happy -

organised earrings.jpg

I can keep make up brushes etc in the tub, I can see what I've got easily and the top of my jewellery box is much tidier with just stud and hoop earrings and other little bits and pieces.


I succumbed to the power of the gold spray paint and gave it a quick respray just over a month ago, whilst I was making my plant pots from plastic tubs. I've waited to see if it scratches off (like I thought it might) and I have to report - No - it doesn't seem to scratch off at all, earrings have been in and out of it every day since the respray and all good, bonus!

Update 1.jpg

I just peeled the trim off, put it to one side and gave the tub a couple of coats of my usual Rust-oleum gold spray paint, one coat the right way up and then the second coat upside down. That way all sides of the wire got covered. Then I glued the trim back on.

Update 2.jpg
Update 3.jpg

And another Update for 2015!

We've moved house - the turquoise has gone from the bedroom so I've given this earring holder yet another makeover - find the details here

Simple gold earring storage solution


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