UK Coin Picture

Uk coin picture

You know how there are different designs on the "tails" side of UK coins? 

They celebrate all kinds of different things, but did you know that in 2008 a set was made with a sort of jigsaw of a shield on it?

My Dad pointed it out to us and my oldest son collected a set. We decided that instead of just sitting in a box somewhere they should be on display. 

This is how I did it:

Making a picture with UK coins

I used a 6" (15cm) square box frame

A 6" (15cm) square of fairly think card (so it can take the weight of the coins) 

Strong glue (I used a glue gun)

A set of coins with the shield design

UK coins for shield picture

Arrange the coins like this:

UK coins for shield picture

Be careful to line them all up carefully and make sure they are the right way up. (I glued the 5p in the middle upside down - twice!)

When you are happy, glue them onto the card. In my first attempt I used glue dots and in the morning everything except the 5p and 1p had fallen off, so use a good strong glue.

Coin Shield design

Once the glue is dry, pop the card into the frame and you're done!