Ribbon and Bead Bracelet

It's not expensive or too difficult to make a pretty, delicate bracelet from ribbon and beads.

Ribbon and bead bracelet

I've made this pretty ribbon and bead bracelet using pastel colours but you could really change the look completely with different types of ribbon, different colours and different beads. The options are virtually endless - I do love a project with lots of possible variations!

Some of the products I used to make this bracelet were provided by Pandahall.com

ribbon and bead bracelet DIY

(Love how the sun really catches the sheer ribbon and pearl quality of the beads)

To make one you will need:

  • Ribbon (I used 4 from my stash, 2 sheer and 2 satin)

  • Acrylic Beads (Mine are these coloured pearl beads from Pandahall

A Selection of Jewellery Finding:

  • 2 Ribbon Ends (mine are these silver colour 6mm ones from Pandahall)

  • 2 small round jump rings (mine are these 4mm from Pandahall)

  • 1 larger jump ring (mine is a 7mm oval, from my stash)

  • 1 lobster clasp (mine is this one from Pandahall)

You'll also need to use:

  • A needle (a tapestry one is best)

  • Jewellery making or small pointy pliers

  • Washi or masking tape

  • Strong glue (I used Superglue)

supplies needed 1.jpg

First you need to measure to see how long your bracelet needs to be. You could measure your wrist loosely but it's easier to find a bracelet that does fit nicely and measure that. Mine is 21cm when finished.

Now you need to work out how long to cut your ribbon lengths. I will make it as simple as I can.

Finished bracelet length - Clasp length + .5cm

So first you need to assemble the clasp end fixing, you'll need to know how long they are joined together.


As you can see in the photo above, there's a 4mm jump ring joining to larger oval jump ring on one Ribbon End and a 4mm jump ring joining to a lobster clasp on the other. *

Measure across from one 'Ribbon End' edge to the other. Now you can work out how long your ribbon needs to be.

On mine the finished bracelet length is 21cm, the total clasp bit is 3.5cm so I cut my ribbon 18cm

* When opening and closing jump rings always do so with 2 pliers opening the ring forward and backward not out to the side. There are photos explaining what I mean in my button key ring post here.

Thread the ribbon through your needle and then thread a few beads onto each ribbon length. As many or as few as you like. I put 3 on each ribbon. You will, of course, have made sure you choose a needle that will go through the hole of your selected beads! I used a tapestry needle as they have a nice long eye but are not too fat. 

beads on ribbon.jpg

Take one end of each ribbon and tape together just to hold them in place.

Tape Ends.jpg

Put a small dab of glue inside the Ribbon End and insert the ribbon. The glue is not essential but it hold everything in place and makes it a little bit less fiddly.

Using pliers squeeze the Ribbon End together to trap the ends of the ribbons in place. My pliers have ridges on them so I sandwiched the Ribbon End in a piece of kitchen roll to protect it from marks.

Repeat for the other end, then remove the tape.

That's it! You can play around sliding the beads along the ribbon until you are happy with the arrangement.

How to make a Ribbon and bead bracelet

Using this sheer ribbon and pastel beads this bracelet is very light and delicate, lovely for summer with a lacy top.

Make a ribbon and bead bracelet

You can add a charm too for a different look. I used one I had saved from an old broken necklace for another bracelet. This one has a round end cap fastening too instead of the ribbon end.

I enjoyed making this so much and am so happy with the result that I have a few variations on this theme in my head at the moment.

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