Crochet heart

Crocheted hanging heart and flower with links to the free patterns.

crochet heart

Just a very quick share today, I was posting sneaky peeks of this on instagram last week so thought I could share the finished result.

work in progress.jpg

This is one of those rare things, something I pinned on pinterest then actually made!

This idea comes straight from one of my most favourite crochet blogs, Attic 24. The super talented Lucy from Attic 24 made these gorgeous little crocheted hearts with pretty roses way back in 2013 and I pinned them, like you do. 

The pattern for the hearts is from a lady called BeaG and is on flicker here. The rose is an Attic 24 pattern here. The links for both patterns are on the original Attic 24 post too. 

crochet heart

I had a few issues getting my heart started, you start at the bottom point and I sort of fudged mine a little so don't look too closely. I also notice mine is not the same rounded, even shape as the original but no matter. I read something the other day saying that apparently knitters of fairisle jumpers used to put mistakes into their work sometimes just to show it was handmade. I don't know if that's true or not but I do embrace the idea that handmade doesn't need to be perfect!

close up flower.jpg

I chose not to add leaves but there is a pattern for a leaf too over on Attic 24 if you want to add them.

scented sachet crochet heart

The yarn I used is DMC Natura Medium and my hook was a 4mm. This yarn was a freebie in my goodie bag from my trip to the CHSI Stitches show back in February. The very beautiful wooden crochet hook in the photo broken quite early on in this project sadly so I finished it with my favourite Clover Amour hook.

DMC yarn.jpg

I finally decided what to make with it, or at least some of it, I've used maybe half the red and just a little of the orange on this heart sachet and rose.

I used a little bit of regular toy stuffing to fill my sachet and I added a little piece of cotton in the centre with a few drops of essential oil on it. It smells amazing, but I want to keep this as a gift for someone later in the year so now it's in a sealed plastic bag with a bit of tissue with a few more drops of the essential oil. That way it should smell lovely for a good long while.

Crochet Heart Sachet

This finished heart is roughly 6" (15cm) tall, that's making it with this medium yarn which is apparently  an aran weight, and using a 4mm crochet hook. This would be a fantastic stash buster project, you could make a whole load to use up all your leftovers, but of course the finished size will vary depending on your yarn and hook. 



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