Lace Cut Off Jean Shorts

Make your upcycled denim jean cut offs a bit fancy with a little lace.

Lace trimmed Cut Iff Jean Shorts
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A super easy upcycle for today.

Cut off's have to be the original clothing refashion idea.

  • Take a pair of Jeans

  • Cut the legs off to make shorts!

This year I've given my new summer cut offs a little lace edging to make them a tiny bit fancy!

It is really easy, I whizzed mine on the sewing machine but you could hand stitch although it would take a little longer.

You need a pair of old jeans that still fit round the waist/hips and some lace.

what you need.jpg

I cut mine off and then took the photo. Try to imagine a pair of jeans - have you done that? Good, because that's what they looked like!

I cut these off pretty much the length I wanted my finished shorts to be. They measured approx 3" from the crotch seam to the cut off edge.

You can make your shorts any length you like.

Turn up a hem on the inside (this is optional, I'm just sharing what I did) and pin the lace to the right side of the leg holes so it overlaps slightly. 

pin hem and lace.jpg

You loose a little length by turning them hem but then gain it again with the extra lace.

Stitch round where you have pinned, I found if you match you thread to the lace you can hardly see the stitches at all.

close up stitching.jpg

I had a little lace left over so I stitched a short length to the top of the pocket too.

lace on pocket.jpg

That's it, slightly posh cut off's!

Cut off jeans with lace

Now I am only sharing this next photo so you can see the length of my shorts to give you an idea of how yours could look.

full length of shorts 2.jpg

This is a real life untouched photo of my bare legs, I'm feeling very exposed showing this! You can even see that the mirror really needs a clean if you look closely - don't look closely, just scroll on please. 

Cut of denim shorts with lace

I'm planning to wear my lace trimmed cut off jean shorts on holiday this year as following a pretty lovely May, the weather here is not conducive to shorts right now. It's June and this morning the heating came on and at about 3.30pm today the weather was doing this:

Not shorts weather

Something to do with Glastonbury and Wimbledon I guess, nothing guaranteed to make it rain in the UK more than outdoor events!

Lace trimmed cut off jean shorts

The best thing about this project was that a couple of days after I finished them I popped into town to do some shopping and found several very "trendy young people's shops" with shorts just like these in the window.

 Apparently this is very on trend .... and there was me just thinking it was pretty!

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