Easy Bead Necklace

A super easy to make bead necklace. Honestly it takes longer to get everything out and then put it away afterwards than it does to actually make this necklace!

easy bead necklace
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I was inspired when I saw this lovely necklace from Pastels and Macaroons a few weeks ago.


It's just so pretty! This one is wooden beads painted with nail varnish but seeing it made me remember some fairly large beads in my bead box from various old broken bracelets and bag charms.


I can be a bit of a hoarder someone who likes to reuse things, so it's nice when a plan comes together and I am able to make something new from something old. 

To make my necklace I used just 7 large beads and some waxed linen cord

I've had this waxed thread for years, I bought it originally to rethread a seaglass necklace I had which had broken. I really like using waxed thread for jewellery making as it is quite substantial, and when you tie a knot in it, the knot stay, none if that springing undone like you can get with elastics.

I cut a length of the waxed thread long enough to go over my head plus a bit more for the knot, so it was 28" (72cm) in total. Check yours is long enough, making sure you allow a few inches for the knot and ends before you cut!

I threaded on some of my favourite beads:

thread beads.jpg

then tied the thread in a knot.



bead necklace.jpg

You can make yours longer of course, but if you want it shorter you will need to add some sort of adjustable split knot or fastening rather then knotting it.

easy bead necklace

This is how low mine hangs to give you an idea, and it can slip off my head without pulling my ears off! It goes rather nicely with my new summery top made from an old Men's Shirt.

Incidentally, with normal use, the waxed thread will last for a few years before it snaps or wears thin. My sea glass necklace snapped just last week and I've got to remake it, but I've worn it 4 or 5 times a month for at least 4 years so I would say it's pretty tough stuff.

If you don't already have a stash of beads saved from old broken jewellery (I understand not everyone keeps everything like me) then a charity shop or thrift store might be a great place to pick up some for next to nothing. Or you can buy packs of mixed beads in craft stores or even on Amazon.

Do you have any old beads or broken jewellery lying at the bottom of your jewellery box just waiting to be made into something new?

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