Fuller Scarf Trick

Here's a simple trick to turn a thin and slightly limp scarf into something much fuller and easier to wear.

Fuller scarf trick

I love this scarf, I love polka dots and I love bright colours.

polka dot scarf.png

With all those colours it goes with pretty much everything and it was a gift from one of the kids.

It's a really fine fabric though and over time it's just got a bit straggly and limp.

before scarf.jpg

It's also a bit short to do any knots or clever wrapping round that I see on pinterest but rarely do. 

First I tried just joining the short ends to turn it into an infinity scarf, but the fineness of the fabric meant it just didn't work.

Turning an existing scarf into an infinity scarf is not a new idea, I even did a tutorial here in 2013 in my 2nd month of blogging. This was pretty much the same, with just a minor joining the ends difference.

Technically this counts as another Sewing my Stash project as I found the off cuts from some IKEA sheer cotton curtains in my stash. I just happened to have a long thin length which was perfect.

curtain fabric.jpg

I pressed my lovely spotty scarf with the iron, just so I could measure how big it is, then cut a piece of sheer fabric exactly the same size.

I whizzed round 3 sides on the sewing machine, leaving a short side open, then turned it right side out.

pic 1.jpg

I gave the seams a gently press with the iron just to flatten it a bit.

At this point you could fold the raw edges on that final short side under, stitch and you would be good to go with a fuller scarf.

Because of this one being that in-betweeny length I decided to join the short ends and make it an infinity scarf. 

I turned those raw edges under then pinned them on top of the other short edge.

pic 2.jpg

That way when I stitched along that edge I was hemming the open end and joining the scarf with just one line of stitching.

finished scarf.jpg

And here it is, much easier to just bung on and MUCH fuller. I've actually had people say "love your scarf" since I did this - bonus! I wore this as part of Me Made May 2016 too so if you follow on Instagram you will have seen this already a few months ago.

Before and after fuller scarf trick

It's perfect for the cooler summer days that we seem to have a lot of here in the UK. We are still waiting for the proper summer to start!


P.S. I should comment on the weather more often, since I wrote that last sentence summer began in ernest here - we've had a couple of scorchers and I'm quite happy to not need my nice full scarf for a few days after all! 

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