Pom Pom Pen Pot

A simple glass jar upcycled with pom poms to make a fun bright and cheerful desk accessory.

upcycled Pom pom pen pot
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Pom Pom all the things!

Over the last few weeks I've been sharing some Easter projects made courtesy of Hobbycraft and the selection of fun Easter crafting goodies they sent to me to try. Today's pen pot upcycle is not very Easter-y or Spring like but as I totally LOVE it I am unapologetic! 

One of the Supplies I received from Hobbycraft was this enormous bag of pom poms, all shapes and sizes and colours. I used some little white ones for these bunny tails and flower centres for my Spring Wreath.

But look at all these amazing bright pom poms...

pom poms

Don't they just make you want to pom pom all the things?

I knew they needed to decorate something and I knew it had to be bright and fun.

You can't have too many pen pots, everyone needs pens and in a pot they are handy and ready to grab at a moments notice. If you can make one by upcycling an old container then all the better. 

To make a pom pom pen pot like mine you will need:

  • An old container, mine was a glass jam jar but an old tin or clean cardboard tub would work too

  • Pom Poms, mine were from this big bag from Hobbycraft, this bag of pom poms from Amazon are similar

  • A hot glue gun

jar and pom poms.jpg

First wash your container, remove any labels and dry thoroughly.

Sort your pom poms - this was the best bit, it's very therapeutic to plunge your hands into a big bag of soft pom pom, trust me! I separated into a bowl all the ones which were about 1 cm in diameter. Your pot will look more even if you use pom poms that are all the same size. 

I only used the bright coloured pom poms for this, I didn't include black or white or the soft pink or yellow. You can use whatever colours you like but it is definitely worth getting them all ready in a bowl. Once you start gluing you want them easy to grab.

Now just hot glue the pom poms onto the jar. It's easiest to apply a 3 cm or so length of glue then press on 3 pom poms. Then just repeat. You want them pretty close together so there are no big gaps.

I started roughly in the middle and went all the way round in a circle, then added rows above and below. 

glue to jar.jpg

It would probably make more sense to start at the bottom and work your way up - I'm not entirely sure why I didn't do that! 

I went for a totally random colour scheme but you could do a fab pattern if you felt so inclined. 

Upcycled glass jar with pom poms

That's it. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy and you have a fabulous, colourful pom pom pen pot to brighten your day. Your desk will have never looked better! 

The pen pot is just so tactile and squishy, I love how it looks and how it feels!!

Pom pom pen pot

Doesn't it just make you want to pom pom all the things?! 


This also helps if you are a little clumsy and drop pen pots on the floor occasionally - no breakages here even though this is a glass jar, those pom poms really do act as a cushion - whoop whoop!

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