Dot Painted Pebbles with Nail Varnish

Decorate pebbles with a simple dot design, it’s easy with nail varnish pens.

Decorated pebbles
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Dot painted pebbles with nail varnish

I found this project in my blog photos folder when I was doing a bit of computer housekeeping. I made these little painted pebbles a couple of years ago and had forgotten all about them. 

Oops! Better late than never - here's how I made them.

What you need to make dot painted pebbles.:

what you need.jpg
  • Pebbles - clean and dry. Any size is fine, mine were between 4cm and 6cm (1.5" and 2.5")

  • Nail Varnish or Acrylic Paint - I have nail varnish pens from years ago when I did nail art at school fetes which were perfect but you can get the same effect with normal nail varnish and a cocktail stick or with acrylic paint

  • Tissue or Kitchen roll to wipe your nail varnish pen nib or cocktail stick

  • Clear Varnish

  • A brush for the varnish

Start  by making a simple wavy line of dots across the pebble, maybe a do a loop if you fancy.

dot painted pebbles

Then just build the pattern up, going round that first line. These are different pebbles in the photos. I must have got carried away having fun making these at the time, I've not got lots of step by step photos to choose from to show you! 

dot pattern pebbles

I did a few lines of dots, then filled in the gaps with simple dot flowers, and hearts. I did some words to - that was a little bit trickier than just dots but I kept it simple. 

dot painted stones

The nail varnish dots dry really quickly but if you do smudge something or don't like what you've done you can easily wipe it away with a little nail varnish remover and start over. 

dot painting

Do one side of the pebble then when it's dry flip it over and do the other side. 

When you are happy with the design give it a coat of clear varnish. Just pop a blob of varnish on the top and brush it all over with the paintbrush. 

varnish painted pebbles

Give that plenty of time to dry before flipping it over and varnishing the other side. 

That's it, cute little dot painted pebbles. I'm sorry there are not more step by step photos, I don't know what I was thinking. 

dot painted pebbles with nail varnish
dot painted pebbles

These dot painted pebbles would make great mindfulness stones, just a nice little thing to have in a pocket to fiddle with if you are in a stressful situation. Kind of like worry dolls or worry beads. 

If you like to have a word of the year you could decorate a pebble with that word. Or just add something sweet or motivational like I did. 

Slightly large pebbles could be paperweights - do people still use paperweights? 

If you use a waterproof varnish they could go in the garden. How lovely for a fairy garden.

Dot painted pebbles made with nail varnish
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