DIY Ceramic Effect Christmas Baubles

make your own ceramic effect Christmas baubles
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I’ve seen a lot of matte white ceramic baubles around over the last few years. They are very classy and can be very expensive so I wondered if I could get a similar effect by updating a few of our old baubles.

I took a couple of really inexpensive gold baubles that we’ve had for a while. Nothing special, just lightweight plastic ones.

To give them a ceramic effect I used the spray paint that I had left over after my ombre waste paper basket makeover. It’s the Pinty Plus chalk spray paint from Novasol.

I tried 2 versions, one with a writing and one with dots.

To make a ceramic effect Christmas Bauble you will need:

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Make sure the bauble is clean and then add your chosen stickers. For the dots pop the office planner dots all over. I did a fairly regular pattern as I’m a fairly regular kind of gal but you can do whatever takes your fancy.

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For the word version just add the stickers. Press them firmly with your fingernail. I thought I’d done this sufficiently but turns out, not so much! More of that later…..


Now spray paint with a chalk paint. Give it several light coats. I found it easiest to do by dangling the bauble from a thread and covering it bit at a time. Between coats I left it to dry hanging on a hook.


Once it’s well coated all over and dry you can peel off the stickers.

This was the point that I discovered all was not well with my word bauble….

joy issue.png

I discovered my letter stickers had lifted a little during the spray painting process - ops! All was not lost, I could still see where the stickers had been so I used a gold sharpie to go over the gold letters and it was fine.

To finish your bauble off use glue dots or hot glue to add a little ribbon to cover the ‘obviously not ceramic’ top of the bauble and then add a bow. It much easier to add the ribbon and the bow separately than to try and tie the bow straight onto the bauble.

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make your own ceramic effect bauble
dotty ceramic effect Christmas bauble

If you don’t have letter stickers or if you are good at hand lettering you could easily just spray paint the baubles plain white and then write whatever you like on them in your best calligraphy. I think that would probably look even better than the sticker version, but for those of us not entirely confident with our hand lettering this sticker version gives options.

Update your old Christmas baubles

The chalk spray paint covers beautifully and gives a lovely matte finish which is quite ceramic like. I’m not sure that they will fool anyone close up but hanging on the tree and admired from a distance I think they do the job well!

It’s a fun way to update a few old Christmas baubles and give them a whole new look.

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