Lace Heart T-shirt Refashion

The simplest of t-shirt refashions, a summery lace heart. 

Lace heart T shirt refashion

I love a simple refashion, some thing to make a few of my clothes feel a bit "one of a kind" with out spending hours. (or loads of money) 

This one is SO simple (my refashions almost always are):

Take a plain T-shirt and add a pretty lace heart.

To make your own lace heart T-shirt you will need:

  • An old plain T-shirt (you could go crazy and use a new one of course!)

  • A piece of lace fabric

  • A sewing machine or needle and thread

  • Scrap paper, pencil, scissors

Prepare a heart template

Start by folding your scrap paper in half and drawing half a heart. Cut it out and you have a template. Check it's the right size for your t - shirt, better to waste a sheet or two of scrap paper than your lovely lace fabric.

Once you are happy use your super-de-dooper heart template to cut a heart shape from the lace fabric.

lace heart.jpg

Attaching the lace heart to the T-Shirt

Pin this securely to the t-shirt

pin lace heart to t shirt.jpg

I'm not sure if you can spot my pins. I should have used nice bright ones, there they are:

A lace heart applique pinned to a blue t shirt

Stitch round the heart using your sewing machine, or hand stitch using a backstitch if you don't have a sewing machine. 


If your heart is small then you can finish here, I found as my heart was quite large it didn’t lie flat to the t shirt as I moved about and was a bit “bulgy”. To fix that I just caught the lace with a few stitches at random intervals. The stitches don't really show on the white lace so you can see them more easily from the inside. 


That's it, simple!

lace_heart_tshirt a.jpg

Here I am posing all nonchalant like in the garden, wondering how long before I spill my tea on those white jeans!

You could add any shape, it doesn't have to be a heart of course. You could add some beads randomly too, especially if you are doing those little stitches to stop the poofiness of the lace. I would have done that myself but I've only just thought of it now! 

Lace heart T shirt refashion

I think this is going to be a really useful addition to my wardrobe this summer. 

Lace heart t shirt on.jpg


Update 2023: I first shared this T Shirt update idea back in 2017. I don’t own those white jeans any more (too impractical!) but I’m happy to say my lace heart T shirt is still going strong and has been worn and washed many times over the last 6 years.

I'll be sharing this project at some of these link parties

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