Tassel Button Key Ring

How to make a button tassel keyring, a simple craft tutorial.

Tassel button keyring
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This is a fun and easy Button Key Ring to make, made with ombre buttons and finished with a tassel. 

To make a tassel keyring with button stack you will need:

button tassel key ring tutorial

How to make a tassel button keyring

Cut two lengths of cord approx 12" or 30cm, seal the ends either with nail varnish or a flame and fold in half. I've got much braver with this stuff the more I use it and just carefully melt the ends in a flame now.

Arrange your buttons in the colour order you want. All your buttons must have 4 holes. In the photo there is one with just two hole but that was just a mistake and I didn’t end up using it.

Thread the buttons onto one of the cords, starting with the darkest through to the lightest. Then thread back in the other direction going through the opposite hole in each button. 

tassel button keyring tutorial

Line your button holes up carefully so the buttons stay lined up nicely. 

Now take the second cord and do the same again in the remaining holes.

thread 2.jpg

Attach the metal ring to the loops - just watch that you don't let the buttons slide off whilst you do this.

Now you can push the buttons up about 1 cm from the metal ring. Tie a knot in the cords on the other end.

how to make a tassel button key ring

Now add a tassel. This was a bit fiddly, there might be a better way, but this is how I did it.

Take a longer length of cord, about 70" and loop it through the gap between the bottom button and the knot over and over - as shown in the photo:

loop through.jpg

Pull it down neatly to cover the knot and then tie it with another short piece of cord.

tie tassel.jpg

Wrap that short cord round a few times, knotting it again and then secure it with a dot of super glue or other strong glue.


Trim the ends of the short cord, close to the super glue.

finished tassel.jpg

Chop across the bottom of the tassel cutting all the cords level. To finish off I sealed the ends of the tassel by melting them quickly in a flame. This was because my cord was particularly “springy”, it may not be necessary depending on the cord you use.

tassel key ring 1.jpg
make a tassel button keyring

There you go, a sweet tassel button keyring. These would make a perfect gift next time you need a little something for a special friend, or group of friends maybe. 

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