Button Cluster Key Ring

button cluster keyring
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I've been playing around making button themed keyrings recently. 

This is the first that's ready to share.

Want to make your own, for yourself or as a cute little present? 

To make a button cluster key ring you will need:

  • A keyring with a chain (mine were saved from old keyrings but you can buy them like that)

  • Jump rings (mine are 7mm)

  • Small buttons (you need ones where the gap between the hole and the edge is smaller than your jump rings) Raid your button box or a mixed pack like this is a good option.

  • 2 x pliers

what you need to make a button key ring

Open a jump ring with the pliers,

open jump ring.jpg

pop it through one of the button holes

thread through button.jpg

and one chain on the keyring.

then thread through chain.jpg

Then just close it up.

Easy, then do it again with another button.

how to make a button key ring

Just add as many buttons as you like in whatever colours and combinations you like.

make a button cluster key ring

All my chain keyrings were reused old ones so they are slightly different lengths and chain types.

make a button cluster key ring
How to make a button key ring

These really were easy peasy lemon squeezy to make and came out kind of cute. I love buttons, and collect button crafts on a pinterest board if you want to check out more ideas. I'm now thinking these little button clusters would be nice on a long pendant or make sweet bag charms (does anyone else still like a bag charm or are they really old school?)

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