Peony Pig Craft Kit Review

Peony Pig kit review

Do you remember the lovely kit from Amazing Crafts I tried out last year to make this super cute little Jackson Mouse


Well the talented people at Amazing Crafts have some sweet new kits on offer, to make adorable teeny tiny little brooches. There are two new kits to choose from, pigs or bears. 

I was lucky enough to meet up with Amazing Crafts at the Creative Show a few weeks ago and was given one of the Peony Pig Kits to 'play' with / review. 

This is what you get in the kit:

in the kit.png

There's a detailed instruction booklet, felt, thread and needle, wadding, 3 brooch pins and a pattern sheet.

This is everything in the kit to make 3 little pig brooches. 

They are a little bit fiddly to make, blimey some of those pieces are TINY! It's all hand sewing and perfect for when you want a quick slow sewing project. Does that make sense? It's slow sewing but it's a quick project to make as it's so little. 

The only changes I made was to make the ear piece just a little longer, I had more to tuck in to the head which I just found a little easier. Not a great photo but you'll see what I mean.


It took me an evening to make the 2 pink pig brooches, I had to leave the making of the black pig to daylight so I could see what I was doing, but then it only took about an hour.

black pig.jpg
pink pig.jpg

I made a bit of a boo boo on the pink pig with the black splodges. All was going great, the little pig was looking fine and dandy when finished. I had drawn the pattern pieces onto the felt with a blue water erasable fabric marker and so I wet the pig brooch to remove them and the colour from the black felt ran into the pink. 

Don't do what I did - I make these mistakes so you don't have to! I'd suggest either using an air erasable pen to make the felt or just sponging away any marks carefully instead of a full emersion. You live and learn! 

patchy pig.jpg
little pig brooch kit

Pin badges are so popular at the moment, with people collecting all kinds of cute ones, these little felt brooches fit right in with them. 

My daughter has a collection of pins on the lapel of her coat, see how cute the little pink piggy looks with them. 


It's funny how fashions come full circle, back in the 80's I remember going to school in my donkey jacket (remember them?!?) with badges all over both sides of the front.

These kits are available from Amazing Crafts for £9.99. 

There was quite a bit from the kit left over once I'd finished the 3 little brooches. There is enough felt to make at lease another 3 or 4 brooches, you'd just need to add more thread and some little brooch pins (or safety pins I guess) 

left overs.jpg
square pigs.png
new sig 1.png