Craftiosity Craft Kit Review

A craftiosity craft kit review

I had the pleasure of receiving a craft kit from the lovely folks at Craftiosity recently and I’m excited to show you what was in the box and how I got on with it.

Craftiosity provide a monthly subscription craft kit box, with a different craft each month. You can buy a box as a one off, or subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months for yourself or as a gift. Check out their website for all the details and to see the kind of modern crafts featured in previous kits.

When Craftiosity asked me if I’d like to test and review one of their kits naturally I said “yes please!” I had no idea what would be in the kit, but of course that is part of the fun of it.

craft kit.jpeg

Before we get on to the kit contents can I just say - check out that gorgeous printed tissue paper! I’m not sure what I’ll be using that for but I have saved it and feel pretty confident it’ll be perfect for another craft project at some point.

The kit I received contained everything I needed to create an embroidered tea towel; a tea towel, design sheet, full instructions, 4 embroidery threads, embroidery hoop, needle and the addition of some lovely postcards.

kit contents.jpeg

I confess it took me a full 2 minutes to decide that I would NOT be using the tea towel as a tea-towel. I think an embroidered tea towel is such a lovely idea but I’m not spending several hours embroidering something and then allowing my family to dry dishes with it or grab it to mop up spills. I decided I’d be turning mine into a bag.

With that in mind I didn’t position the embroidery design to the tea towel bottom corner as per the instructions, I transferred it to the centre of the top half. I used a water soluble fabric marker pen to transfer the design to the tea towel then stitched it up as per the instructions.

embroidery .jpeg

The instructions with the kit were really comprehensive. It is a fold out, double sided full colour sheet with details on how to do each stitch, how many strands to use and what stitch goes where.

Once the stitching was all done it looked like this:

close up embroidery.jpeg
embroidered t towel.jpeg

At this point I trimmed all the hems off and turned my embroidered tea towel into a bag. I used some blue fabric to line it and make the straps, it was an old table cloth I found in my stash.

I go through how to make a lined bag in this Tetris Tote Bag Tutorial and this little mini shopper gift bag. I made this one using the same basic method but with different dimensions. I also boxed the bottom corners on the bag like the mini shopper gift bag but with a 3” boxed corner, this made the bag nice and wide with a nice flat bottom.

finished bag.jpeg

I’m going to use this bag as a craft project bag, it’s a great size for a knitting or crochet project and I always have a few of them on the go. I like to keep each project in it’s own bag, it’s just easier that way to grab the one I fancy working on.

craftiosity craft kit review

Massive thank you to Craftiosity for letting me have a go with one of their kits, I had SO much fun. Having everything you need all provided for you in one place makes trying a new craft so easy. The instructions were really clear and easy to follow but it was also very easy to take the kit and tweak it to make it into something a little bit unique. The box felt like such a treat. I can imagine it being such a perfect gift for someone you know who loves craft.

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