Pom Pom Daisy Notice Board Magnets

I love daisies, they are such cheery and resilient little flowers. We cut all their heads off when we mow the lawn and the next day up they pop again! It’s really easy to make little paper and pom pom daisies into fridge or notice board magnets or push pins.

daisy notice board magnets
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I was sorting out a few things the other day and came across some left over daisies from when I made the garland on this spring wreath.


They are too cute just to leave sitting in a box with other random stuff so I've turned them into magnets for our magnetic notice board. They look pretty good on the fridge too. 

pom pom flower fridge magnet

You could just as easily add these pom pom daisies to drawing pins, pushpins or thumb tacks (what do you call them where you are?)  if you want to use them on a cork notice board. 

To make your own Pom Pom Daisy Notice Board Magnets you will need:

To make thumbtack or drawing pin pom pom daisies you'll just need to swap the magnets for thumbtacks/drawing pins.

Using the large flower craft punch punch out a load of flowers. If you have a cutting machine I'm sure you could find something suitable for that, if you have neither then just google flower template, pick one that takes your fancy and print a bunch on a sheet of thin white card and cut them out (old school style!) 

My flower punch flowers are about 2" (5cm) in diameter but it's not especially important what size they are. 

how to make paper pom pom dasies

Curl the petals up with your finger nail on half of the flowers, then glue them on top of the flat flowers. I used the hot glue gun for this but a extra tacky pva would work too. Just make sure the petals overlap as in the photos. 

Then hot glue (or pva) a small yellow craft pom pom in the centre. Leave this to dry.

Now check which side of the magnet sticks to the notice board. I'm not sure of the science but some magnets seems to stick either way but some definitely have a 'right side" You do want to make sure you get it the right way round or your magnets won't stick! If you are using thumbtacks then this is not an issue for you!

Now super glue (or some other strong glue) the magnet (or thumbtack) to the back of the flower. Again, leave to dry.

Make a pom pom diasy magnet
pom pom daisy fridge magnets
Daisy fridge magnets

Use your super sweet daisy notice board magnets to hold all your important stuff to your notice board. 

how to make pom pom daisy thumb tacks

These could make a sweet teacher gift, pop a few in a bag with a yellow ribbon bow and a handmade card. 

Daisy pom pom fridge magnets

They'd also be perfect for someone getting ready to go off to college or university. 

Or just keep them for yourself and make a daisy chain across your fridge! 

DIY daisy pom pom fridge magnets
make your own fun pom pom flower push pins
How to make Pom Pom Flower notice board pins
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