20+ Clever Ideas for Giving a Gift Card

more than 20 clever ideas for giving a gift card

Gift cards are great presents. They are perfect for people who have everything or people you don’t know especially well. They are also excellent for teenagers and men - 2 groups who are notoriously difficult to buy for!

The only downside of a gift card is that they can maybe feel a little bit like you’ve not bothered very much. To get round that it’s fun to make a little something fancy to pop a gift card in. It feels like the best of both worlds then; you’ve obviously put some thought in but the recipient still gets to choose their own gift.

I’ve put together a collection of more than 20 gift card holders, some are mine and some are ideas I’ve found on other sites. A collection of gift card holders, pouches, envelopes and more. Most of these ideas also work for giving good ol’ “spend anywhere vouchers” too (otherwise known as cash!) and some work as business card holders as well.

This felt envelope idea is one I’ve done a number of times. You can use any colour felt and any type of ribbon so they can be made for any occasion. They are a simple sewing project, suitable for beginners or even the most sewing resistant people!

Here’s exactly the same felt gift card holder but in festive colours:

And here is a paper version of the same basic idea - I did vary the size just a little for this personalised version you can find the details here Personalised Gift Card Envelope

Get your crochet hooks out for these super cute woodland animal card holders. The free pattern is from The Perfect Stitch.

Carolyn’s Homework has a simple burlap and twine envelope idea, very sweet.

Hiding a gift card in a jar of sweets is such a fun idea, it’s perfect for children, teens, adults - everyone really! Organized 31 shows you how to get it just right.

These little envelopes are made from old sheet music but you could use old damaged books, maps, scrapbook paper or even old magazines.

This is a different idea from Classy Clutter, it involves helium balloons and is sure to make someone smile.

This crochet pouch from Amy Latta is so sweet with that lovely ribbon. This one looks very Christmassy but you could change the look completely with a different ribbon.

Suzer Space made these sweet little tote bags from paper, they’d be lovely for any occasion as there are so many designs of paper out there to choose from.

A simple bit of origami and you can make these little gift card wallets in next to no time. This one holds cash but you can easily make them the right size for a gift card. It’s made from old comic book pages so it’s a great upcycling project too.

I love this pop up card from My little craft blog, it’s just so special and could be made in any paper to suit any recipient.

Second Chance to Dream has some lovely rustic printable gift card holders, there are some coordinating gift tags and other prints too. Actually, Barb has all sorts of lovely printables for all sorts of occasions, I highly recommend a browse of her free printables.

This gift card holder is held closed with a lovely button fastening. It’s easy to create but looks super fancy.

This little origami shirt gift card holder from Laura at LKC Designs is such a fun idea.

Thrifty Jinxy has a lovely little free printable pillow box which is just the right size for a gift card, and with this one you can pop a little sweet treat or two in there as well.

Drugstore Divas have this fun felt Santa ‘no sew’ idea, perfect is you are short of time, or if sewing is really not your thing!

Mod Podge Rocks upcycled an old cassette tape box to make a fun gift card holder, you know how I love a good upcycle.

Organized 31 has a brilliant recycling idea - make these little holders for your gift cards from last year’s Christmas cards - perfect!

Want to make a cute 3D snowman to give a gift card? Kimspired DIY shows you how.

Here’s another fun felt idea from DIY Candy, 3 different Christmas character ideas, all simple to sew.

This little crocheted mug is so cute, the free pattern is from the wonderful Repeat Crafter Me.

Hello Sewing have a simple pattern to make these little fabric gift card holders. They can be made with a ribbon so they can be hung on the tree at Christmas or the ribbon can be left off if you prefer.

So there you have it, over 20 ideas to make gift card giving a little bit more exciting. Do you have a favourite?


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