Pretty Greeting Cards made with Recycled Magazines

These pretty cards are so easy to make and cost next to nothing. All you need is a pen and an old magazine or junk mail.

magazine flower cards
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If you don’t have any old magazines then junk mail would also be perfect for these cards. It doesn’t really matter what the picture or pattern on the paper you use has, you cut it up in a way so any colourful paper will work.

To make Pretty Greeting Cards with Recycled Magazines you will need:

  • A card blank and envelope

  • Pages from an old magazine or junk mail

  • A fine liner pen - I used a Sakura Pigma Micron

  • Scissor

  • Paper glue - I used pritt stick

  • Foam Pads

  • Printed sentiments


Start by drawing a quick simple flower on a colourful bit of the magazine.

Cut it out.

Make loads more!

make flowers.jpg

Arrange a few of the flowers onto your card blank, and then glue them to the card.

glue flowers.jpg

Take your pen and draw some stems and leaves. Add a few swirls if you fancy.

adding leaves .jpg

Nothing complicated, just keep to simple lines for the best effect. I find to draw quickly is best, the minute I hesitate then the wobblier my lines get. Just go for it! You do not have to be a great artist to do this, honestly!

Take a sentiment, add foam pads and fix it on over the stems.

add sentiment.jpg
Upcycled magazine cards
recycled magazine cards

I had a few cut out flowers left over so I added them inside the cards and to the envelopes as well.

greeting cards made with recycled magazines

So easy and a fun upcycle to. And I promise NO mad artist skills are required, keep it simple and you can’t go wrong!

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