Rainbow Thinking of You Cards

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How to make simple rainbow cards with a positive message to let someone know they are in your thoughts.

With all the self isolating and quarantining going on around the world right now a lot of people are starting to feel isolated and a bit low. Of course our physical health is an absolute priority but people’s mental health is really suffering too. How about making and sending some simple rainbow cards to someone you know who can’t get out at all at the moment and just let them know that there is someone out there who really cares about them.

I joined a facebook group the other day started by a lovely and very creative lady where people can nominate someone they know to receive a card with a message of support. I’ve made a selection of cards for this and as the group organiser had showed us some beautiful cards she had made with painted rainbows I thought I would continue the ‘rainbow as a symbol of hope’ idea on and made these simple paper rainbow cards.

They are quick and easy, perfect for any age to make. All you need is a card blank and some scraps of coloured paper.

I have a rather substantial stash of scrap book papers from my card making and papercrafts. I am a craft supply hoarder so I cannot throw away even small pieces of pretty paper. The good new is that those little pieces are ideal for a card like this. Hooray! If you don’t have such a stash you could cut up old birthday cards, colourful adverts from magazines or junk mail, use wrapping paper and remember coloured envelopes are a fabulous source of paper.

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To make a rainbow card you will need:

  • A card blank, mine are 6x6” white cards

  • Scraps of coloured paper

  • Glue - mine is Blu Tack Blu Stick but any paper glue like Pritt Stick or Gorilla Glue Stick will work just as well

  • Something round to draw round

  • Scrap of card to make a template

  • A printer and card OR a sentiment stamp OR a nice pen and your best handwriting You can download the sentiments sheet I created here

Start by making a rainbow template. Draw around something round onto a scrap of card. I used a tin lid and card from an old breakfast cereal packet. Cut the circle ‘in half’ but a little off centre. You are keeping the larger ‘half’.

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Divide the semi circle into 4 with 3 lines and cut the pieces out.

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I tried 2 different versions from this point onwards. One layered and one not.

Let’s start with the non layered one first.

Now use your 4 rainbow template pieces to draw round and cut out your coloured paper. My paper looks white but that is because I’m drawing on the back! Cut just inside the lines so your pieces don’t overlap. I liked the effect of a small gap between the paper pieces.

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Glue the rainbow into place on the front of the card.

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paper rainbow

For the layered version cut the same template shapes, but only trace and then cut the outside line. You’ll end up with 4 dome shapes which you can just layer up, glueing the pieces in a stack.

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Now add a sentiment. You can print the sheet I created to make my cards, make your own on the computer, use a ink stamp if you have one or simply write your message with some calligraphy or your best handwriting.

I cut out the printed sentiments and then layered them onto coloured papers that matched with one I’d used in the rainbow.

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You can make your rainbows in bright traditional rainbow colours or pastel shades, whatever takes your fancy.

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paper rainbow card

Would anyone you know like a positive message sending to them right now? Why not make them a rainbow card and let them know you are thinking of them.

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