20+ of the cutest things to make with felt

Felt is such a great fabric to work with and you can make such cute things. I’ve found more than 20 of the cutest felt makes to share with you today.

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I’m a big fan of felt, it’s perfect for kids to work with due to its no fray properties but it’s not just for the kids, you can get really sweet and sophisticated results with it too. Let me show you a right old mix, from the simplest idea for beginners to the more complicated and fancy projects, and everything in between. All of them the cutest things in all cuteville!

First let’s look at some cute felt patterns you can make yourself

I’ve found lots of free patterns and tutorials as well as some which are available inexpensively as a PDF pattern download.

Remember to click through on the images to find the original posts for more details and to pin if you want to save the project.

This gorgeous little unicorn is from Felt with Love Designs. It was one of the free tutorials that made up Sew a Softie last summer and I fell in love immediately!

Laura from Bugs and Fishes has a free tutorial to make these Jammy Dodger Brooches. I don’t know how well Jammy Dodgers are known around the world, they are a classic biscuit (cookie) here in the UK, they’ve been around for as long as I can remember and are totally delicious. Any fans of Doctor Who might remember them getting a mention several years ago in the Matt Smith era.

Fifi Fox is not just pretty, she’s practical too - a pincushion or a needlebook! The pattern is available very inexpensively from Molly and Mama as a download here and a tutorial to adapt the pincushion pattern to a needlebook is on the Molly and Mama blog here.

I designed this rainbow flower for Sew a Softie month. Sew a softie is a world wide project to help encourage kids to learn to sew. This flower is so simple to make.

These little bunny brooches from Red Ted Art are perfect for kids or beginners, they are super simple to make, it’s a free pattern and they are completely adorable.

These little mice are teeny tiny and oh so cute. The free pattern and tutorial is from Anne Wood Handmade.

These little unicorn hanging ornaments were so much fun to make and I think they are cute enough to be included here. You can find my free pattern and instructions here.

The lovely Gail from Purple Hues and Me made sheep for 2015 when it was the year of the sheep but I think they are cute enough for any year! Gail actually made hers with fleece but she says they work with felt just as well so they definitely deserve their place here among the cuteness! This one’s a free pattern.

If you have small scraps of felt and fabric why not make a pocket hug to send to someone you love who is far away. Perfect for kids starting school or going away to camp too!

I loved these little owl ornaments from a free downloadable template on Juicy Bits so much that I actually made a version of them myself a few years ago.

You can see my take on it here.


Amy Loves to Sew has a lovely, clear tutorial and free pattern showing how to make these sweet little strawberry keyrings.

Another Sew A Softie projects and a free template, is the gorgeously cute design from Molly and Mama; Cinnamon the cat - complete cuteness overload!

Etsy is a great place to find downloadable PDF patterns from independent designers and makers at reasonable prices. I’ve put a list together for you here of some of my favourites:

Cute Felt Kits

If you don’t already have lots of felt scraps around the place you might prefer a cute felt kit, when all your materials are provided. These kits would all make amazing gifts too wouldn’t they? Just click the photos to check current prices and availability.

These pastel felt cacti are sweet, and perfect for people who struggle with real plants. The kit to make a cactus (you choose one) is available from SewSewnSew.

Kenny the Koala is a cutie isn’t he? The kit is from Oddly Wild UK.

The kit to make this set of 3 adorable little woodland creatures are from Little Dear.

I must have a thing for woodland creatures made of felt that I wasn’t aware of! I’ve included much more here than I thought I would. But when it’s as sweet as this kit from O Enchanted Forest O to make a felt wallet what can I say? #sorrynotsorry

Amazing Crafts have several cute little felt kits, you might remember when I reviewed these little pig brooches. They are so sweet and were really quick to make too.

Ready Made Cute Felt Decorations

Or maybe you don’t want to make a cute felt thing yourself and would prefer the work done for you. I found a few Etsy shops that have a range of felt cuteness for you to check out.

The Craft of a Fox has so many sweet little felt items with Otter keyrings, Jack Russell brooches and lots, lots more.

Chasing Rainbows Home has the most lovely felt name banners which are decorated in all sorts of different designs, and colours. Perfect for a nursery or children’s bedroom.

I also love the sweet little food based items from Little Cloud Crafts. I can’t resist a slice of Battenburg cake or a Cherry Bakewell in real life and these last longer and are calorie free!

Have I inspired you to make or buy something super cute with felt?

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the cutest things to make with felt