Polka Dot Embroidered Pin Cushion

daisy embroidered pincushion
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Today I’m delighted to be over as a guest at Minerva Crafts sharing my review of the Clover Create a Pincushion Kit.

This little kit makes creating a pin cushion really quick and easy and you can personalise it completely by using any fabric that takes your fancy.

I used some navy and white polka dot from my stash - you only need a little scrap - and had some fun with some daisy embroidery over the polka dots.

I’ve used a similar technique before and loved it. I made this bag from red and white spotty fabric with an embroidered band:


And I added some embroidery to polka dot fabric when I tried out making a clasp frame purse:


For the pincushion I used a few different embroidery stitches and played around a little with the idea to create a daisy design. You can find all the details on the Minerva Craft Blog. There is a guide to these simple embroidery stitches here too.

What I like about this pincushion kit is that you are not stuck with your fabric choice, the way it’s made you can easily switch your fabric any time you get fed up with it, or if it gets worn and tatty.

Update: Minerva don’t sell this pincushion kit any more but you can still buy it through Amazon here.

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